Remote Equipment Monitoring

An efficiency tool!

Waste less time, Run your businesses more efficiently, Increase profits, get email alerts, and monitor your equipment remotely from “on the run”!

Monitor up to 4 change machines for: OUT OF ORDER or GETTING LOW ON COINS in person on the unit's screen.

Monitor up to 6 generic input circuits for devices of your choosing, such as:

  • door openings,
  • counting coin switches,
  • water temperature sensor,
  • liquid tank level or pressure.
  • Circuits suitable for 110 volts or less, and each can be different. They ARE NOT interconnected.
  • Email alerts sent to up to 3 recipients for any alert situations that occurs.
  • Scheduled email reports available up to 8 times a day. Also on-demand reports can be generated.
  • Special AUDIT REPORTS to document your money collection cycles.

WITH OPTIONAL PAID SERVICE - You can monitor your equipment in-person from CHANGERVIEW’s display, or by remotely viewing and controlling your CHANGERVIEW unit from your smart phone, or PC, or MAC. Generate on-demand email reports.
2 relay-controlled output circuits that can be operated from the CHANGERVIEW display screen or remotely operated. Control most any device at your site; such as lights, siren, electric door lock.

View our videos for a visual tour of CHANGERVIEW's features and it's operation. Check-out the USER MANUAL for all the details. Part 1 of the USER MANUAL covers basic features and operation. Part 2 of USER MANUAL covers the wiring connection to change machines and other misc. equipment.
After looking at some of this material; feel free to to call, to discuss your particular situation and needs. We can discuss which change machines you have and which of CHANGERVIEW's connection setups will work best for you, and to order your CHANGERVIEW system. See CONTACT page, or below.