GENESIS 3 control board – key features

  • Replace most American Changer logic boards that use 1 bill acceptor.
  • The GENESIS 3 control board can accommodate either 24v or 110v pulse-type bill acceptors, up to $100 bill acceptance possible.
  • Non-resetable counter shows total dollars accepted.
  • A second resetable counter for easy auditing of your current usage cycle.
  • Will mount in most cabinets to existing mounting studs.
  • Displays error messages in simple English for easy understanding.
  • RESET button for resetting errors.
  • Robust / durable components which can be properly repaired if needed.
  • Made in USA.
  • "Stringing deterrent" program built-in; can be customized by operator.
  • "Anti-Jackpot" protection built.
  • "Hopper time-out" protection built-in. (15 sec. of no coins out)
  • Replacement for most American Changer logic boards.
  • Can replace early logic boards with mechanical dollar counter. Requires new bill acceptor wire harness.
  • Can replace "red display" logic boards using 1 bill acceptor. Some applications may require new bill acceptor harness; most won’t.
  • Can replace newer "green display" logic boards. New bill acceptor harness required. Coin hopper harness with large 12-position, straight connector needed.
  • The GENESIS 3 control board can accommodate two coin hoppers, as used in American Changer machines; either the earlier universal MK4 hopper (with vertical and horizontal connection pins), or the newer ACC (black/green) hopper using the large 12-position connector harness. Hoppers can be mixed in the same machine.

User price:   $375.00

Optional 110v or 24v bill acceptor harness: $40.00