Here's the kit you've been waiting for to upgrade your Standard 500/600 series machine with a popular Mars bill acceptor . This kit is an outgrowth of our successful "Genesis for Rowe" kit which has been on the street for over 5 years. (Other acceptors may also be used in "down-stack" mode).


Replace Standards acceptor, power supply and stacker with a new straightforward control box and free-standing Mars bill acceptor. NO MORE “powerfault” error problems. NO MORE high transport repair costs. No MORE trying to figure out which part is the cause of the problem.


Uses Mars ‘state – of – the – industry’ acceptor: highest security, minimal maintenance. All of the electronic controls split between 2 small control boxes; along with non-resetable counters for ‘dollars in’ and ‘each coin hopper’.


New, heavy stainless steel bracket provides the smallest possible bill acceptor opening exposure to users/ vandals- minimizes possible vandal damage. Industry-leading security against ‘stringing’.

The first photo shows the new outside bracket and “out” light. The second photo shows the original outside bracket.  The third and forth photos show both the original Standard pieces and new Genesis kit inside a double machine.


The above pictures show the increased vandal security offered by the "Genesis kit" over the Standard bezel.


Replace either Standard 500, 500E, or 600 units with one of these kits. Double acceptor machines would require two independent kits to replace all of the original Standard pieces.

Complete "Genesis kit for Standard"; including control boxes, Mars AE2681 bill acceptor, and acceptor mounting brackets is only $1150.00 . Kits may also be sold without acceptor ($700.00), if you want to use your own.

“Genesis” kit features

  • bullet Uses the popular Mars AE2600 bill acceptor. High security against 'stringing' and minimal maintenance. High capacity '700' bill box. Accepts bills all 4-ways,or just 1 or 2 ways- your choice. (SC61/62 cabinet will accept '1000' bill box.)
  • Mars bill acceptor is "self contained". If it's rejecting bills (in and out); the problem is in the Mars- no "if's, and's, or but's" .
  • High security stainless steel mounting bracket- minimum possible opening size to keep vandal damage to minimum.
  • Eliminate all of the confusing Standard assemblies: power supply, bill acceptor and stacker.
  • Eliminate "powerfault errors".
  • Pays out in 'real time'; straight from the coin hoppers to customer.
  • Eliminate expensive 500 / 600 repairs.
  • Retains Standard's durable coin hoppers. Up to three possible per conversion. Typical kit is for 1 or 2 hoppers.
  • One simple new control box pair. Three simple to understand indicator lights.
  • If bill acceptor gets 'jammed', machine out of order light will come on.
  • Non-resetable counters for "dollars in" and each coin hopper.
  • Some kits have provisions for a coin acceptor to take in coins.
  • Genesis control is pre-programmed with payout schedule. Default payout is for all coin hoppers to be 25c. Alternate plan is for all hoppers to be $1 value. Other payout schedules can be programmed- many already available.
  • Although the default kit comes supplied with Mars AE2681 acceptor; other acceptors and brands will fit kit brackets.