It is presently assumed that all units which accept the "new green $20" will accept the new $5 coming. All will need new programming. Some will need new "chips"; and some will need to be plugged into a 'host' programmer.

Please be advised that there may be a certain unknown risk in upgrading units before the new currency is circulated on the street. If the software needs to be revised or "tweaked" by the manufacturer, there will still be charges relating to the revised software.

If you wish to sent us an e-mail (to- with the details of which units you have and quantity; we will file these as 'preliminary orders' and keep you abreast of developments as they occur via return e-mail. We will contact you for final delivery details at the appropriate time.


As of 2/06/08; Hamilton has released new software for the new $5 for the XE and STA validators. Any of these units sent in for servicing to us will have the upgrade included, at nominal extra charge of $10. As of 3/20/08- we have NO upgrade chips available to be sent out to "do-it-yourselfers". We will have chips available to be sold 'over-the-counter' on April 1. If you want the "new $5 chip" sent to you for installing yourself: the price will be $75 plus shipping. If you want to send a unit to us to have the new chip installed with no other service; we will require a note saying " new chip only- no other service". The fee for this will also be $75. New 'XE" validators- $725.00 .


No longer servicing.


The software upgrade for the "BC" series machines is in the CCC computer (not the bill transport). You will need to know the details of your current Rowe machine configuration; as there are multiple scenarios possible (model, most current bill now programmed, double-dump or fast-vend). If you already take the "current $5"; chip upgrade kits are $65. Older machines will need more. Intended to be 'do-able' in the field by user. Upgrade kits are expected to be made available after release of new bill, in late March or early April. We are currently taking orders for these kits.

For: OBA, CBA2, CBA4, RBA7 bill accepters- NO upgrades available; units need to be replaced. See "bill acceptor kits" page.


"flash units" (since '99).These units will need to be plugged into a programmer. Mars is expected to release software around the bill release date. Our upgrade charge is unknown at this point. Units need to come to us; or us to you. We will have the upgraded programmer around 2/25. Cost to "upgrade only" will be $30.00. If paid service is being done; the upgrade will be an additional $20.00 .

Older units (pre-flash) will need new chip in unit, and there are two different types; so some investigation will be needed to determine proper needs.


These units will need to be plugged into a programmer. Software expected to be released around the bill date release date. Upgrade charge is $25.00 if done alone. If paid service is being performed on unit; the upgrade will be an additional $10.00. Units need to come to us; or us to you.

STANDARD- 200A, 500, 500E, 600

The 200A, 500, 500E, and 600FST units have a replaceable eprom. You need to know what version is currently in your unit to get proper upgrade eprom. If you have an older 'keypad'- enter "100" and the existing software version will appear on the screen. If you've got a newer 'data terminal'- enter "F1, F2, F3' to display existing software. The expected cost for eproms sent out to you to install yourself is $25.00. For units sent to us for "software only", the fee will be $25 also. Units sent in for normal servicing will receive new software for $25 with the normal service charges.

Newer 600EF units only have one software type available. This unit involves a plastic "flash stick" with will hold the new software program download for one or more units. There is a fee for the plastic stick, and a fee for the software download(s). The plastic sticks may be reused, as long as the are not damaged.


We are no longer servicing Cashcode acceptors. We have recently learned that these units as used in Standard and American machines will have NOT upgrades are will no longer be supported by their manufacturer. They will need to be replaced with a: Coinco, Pyramid, or Mars acceptor. Some will be a direct "plug in", while others will need wire harness changes.