These kits plug into the existing wire harness of your machine. The MONITOR is designed to detect abnormally large changer usage. When the operator adjustable dollar count is met, within an adjustable time setting, the MONITOR will signal the acceptor to stop accepting bills until the MONITOR resets itself and turns the acceptor back on. EXAMPLE- You determine that the maximum payout you want from the machine is $20 total within a time of 5 minutes. Once (if) the twenthyith dollar is accepted within 5 minutes from the first dollar being accepted; the MONITOR will shut off the acceptor for a preset time period. Once the "shut-off" time period expires; the machine will return to normal operation. The premise of these kits is that the bill acceptor is vulnerable to "stringing" and an alternative is to limit the possible losses to an acceptable level.

An additional feature of the MONITOR is that it can be set-up to limit the total dollars vended during late-night hours, regardless of the timing of the vends.

These kits are built to work with a "pulse type" bill acceptor; such as Coinco, Mars, Hamilton, or Cashcode in American.

Kit price- $199.00 per acceptor