• "NEW BILL" acceptance
  • Higher denomination bills
  • Better bill security

Many change machines in recent years have been built to accept more than one type of bill acceptor. Other machines can easily be modified to use bill acceptors that the original manufacturer did not offer. The reasons for wanting to change the bill acceptor vary. You may be totally frustrated and fed-up with the performance of what you currently have. You may be getting "strung" with your current unit, and want a new acceptor offering more security. Maybe you've got an acceptor for which the manufacturer is not offering upgrades for the new currency coming out soon. ALL OF THESE are perfectly valid reasons for changing acceptors.


Rowe Bill Changers: CBA2, CBA4, RBA7, OBA2, OBA4, BA20, BA35 - There will be no further software upgrades for these units. Will not accept new bills (or current bills).

Mars AE2400/2600 series: Currently considered by many as the best security choice. We can service most problems at this time.

IN GENERAL: If you have a choice between using a "pulse type" and "MDB" acceptor, the "MDB" unit will usually offer slightly better security and maybe other added features.


The following section is some common bill acceptor upgrade kits:

Machine Mars
AMERICAN - small opening AE2601U7 $ 545
AMERICAN - large opening add security plate AE2601U7       $495 $ 545
STANDARD - EC, EC+    (pulse) AE2601U7         $ 545
STANDARD - EC+, MC    (MDB) add security plate AE262602U7      $ 545
ROWE - SBC/ NSBC no update options
ROWE - Century         older/serial AE2601U7         $495
ROWE - Century          newer/ MDB AE2602U7          $455
ROWE - Century         add security + $50
HAMILTON - R/L AE2631D7          $565
HAMILTON - F/L AE2631D7          $565
HAMILTON - ACW4/5 AE2631D7          $599
STANDARD - 25A kits none